Temecula Valley National Horse Show

September 11-15
September 18-22

October 2-6
October 9-13
October 16-20

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"I think they are trying to make it into something special. The prizes have been really nice, and they are putting some great effort into making exhibitors happy. I hope more people see how everyone is liking the show and come to compete with us. The social aspect, the competition aspect and the management are so service-oriented that it has made it the best experience."

- Nick Haness

"It's been better than I even imagined. It's so impressive what they've done. It's out of this world - it has a European flair and that's really nice. It's been really nice for our horses, our owners and our riders, and everyone has been really happy here. It's top footing, the courses have been great and the people are unbelievably friendly."

- Mandy Porter

"We are jumping on world-class footing and the venue is top-notch. It's an atmosphere of horsemanship here. This show is going to take off. The seating for the fans - everything is incredible here. It's been a pleasure to be here and I can't wait for next year!"