Feed & Bedding Request
TVNHS Fall Event

Billing Information - PLEASE READ CAREFULLY

IF BILLED TO TRAINER: Enter Trainer’s Name (DO NOT Use Farm Name) TRAINERS PLEASE NOTE: You may split your charges for feed and bedding among your customers after arrival. This must be done in the show office by Friday of each horse show week. You should advise your customers that these charges will be on their horse show bill and that they should not check out until after you have split your charges. Only the total dollar amount will be split, i.e., we will not split specific quantities of shavings or hay to each customer. However, you may charge different dollar amounts to your customers to account for individual usage.

Additional Information:

All pre-show orders must be on this form or the printable Feed and Bedding Form.
Orders must be received by 12:00 PM for guaranteed same day delivery.
Orders placed after 12:00 PM will be delivered the following day.

Feed & Bedding Request