Welcome to NEE

Nilforushan Equisport Events is a horse show management company devoted to its mission to produce world-class events that will enhance the West Coast equestrian scene and help to make California a top show jumping destination.

Exhibitors can expect great sport, a series of prize money classes and affordable showing options at every event thanks to the inventive style of the Nilforushan management team.

Competitors and spectators alike will be treated to a first-class VIP area, festive entertainment experiences and charitable opportunities.

Whether you are riding in the grand prix, competing for the first time, supporting from ringside or simply in town for a vacation, we invite you to join us for a day, a week or the entire horse show series!





$1 Million +



Our VIP is luxurious and elegant, yet relaxing and comfortable. This exclusive area offers unparalleled viewing of the exciting events in the Grand Prix Ring.

From your private table you will enjoy a covered view of sport while dining on cuisine crafted onsite.

A sumptuous breakfast and lunch will be offered daily, and a gourmet dinner will be served during the evening events.

We will also offer a full service open bar, complete with a broad selection of signature cocktails and world class wines from the Temecula Valley.

Events + Entertainment

Exhibitors, spectators and the community can look forward to lively entertainment and festivities in addition to equestrian sport during the Temecula Valley National Horse Shows.

All Temecula Valley National Horse Show series will feature a themed Welcome Party for exhibitors. Additionally, a number of other gatherings will enhance the experience for the horse show crowd, whether you are a competitor, spectator or simply an equestrian aficionado.

Meet Our Team

Ali Nilforushan

Francie Nilforushan   

John Manning 

Course Designer



Chris Willson

Assistant Manager



Ashlyn Dorsey 

Technical Coordinator / Sponsorship Coordinator


Makena Sacks

Admin Assistant


Karsten Koch

Footing Manager


Jade Danek

Media & Design Director


Carolyn Becker

Show Office Manager



Robert Kellerhouse

Galway Downs Facility Manager